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The Mystical Lotus



"Tiffany Stiles, you are a true Guardian Angel.  Thank you so  much for all you have done for me, and I'm sure thousands more.  I am forever greateful of your grace, beauty and wisdom you have shared!”​





""Tiffany Stiles, I am so grateful for all that you are and all that you bring forth. Thank You!!  Life is more understanding, and I have become so much more aware and knowledgable because of the things you choose to share with others."​

- Victoria

Tiffany I can't tell you how lucky I am to have found you!  You are a gem, and the information you provide us all is so beautifully magical! Thank you, thank you, thank you”​

- Neena x0x0

"Tiffany, I consider myself extremely fortunate to be apart of your group. Thank you for everything you do for so many of us.  You are like an angel sent to light our path which at times can be very dark."​

- Maria

The Mystical Lotus is a Metaphysical Life Coaching service that encompasses the mind, body and spirit whole health on an energetic and metaphysical level.  In addition, the Mystical Lotus offers an array of different metaphysical products and tools to assist you on your continued journey.  A knowledgeable team, regular ongoing training and an awareness of current metaphysical shifts are hallmarks of our work. Our commitment has, and will always be exceeding client expectations every day. Experience true results with our mind-body-spirit metaphysical approach.


Serivices Offered


  • Chakra Clearing & Balancing - 1hr - $50.00
  • Guided Quantum Vortex Meditation - 1hr - $35.00
  • Metaphysical Life Coaching Sessions ( 1/2 hr - $40.00 - 1 hr - $75.00)
  • Inuitive Oracle Card Readings - Tarot or Angel Cards Used
  • Discover Your Spirit Animal/Guide - $30.00
  • Realm Readings -(Certified Realm Reader) What Realm Did You Originate From? - $50.00
  • Aura Readings Tied To Soul Purpose - $50.00
  • Dream Interpretation - $20.00
  • Guidance for Empaths (Clairsentients) - (1/2 hr 35.00 - 1 hr $70.00)


Want to learn more about our services or make an appointment? Give us a call at 330-495-6514


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