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You will need a white tea cup, a saucer and loose tea leaves. Put a pinch of tea leaves in the cup and pour boiling water over them. Allow it to stand about 3 minutes. Drink the contents of the cup except for the tea leaves-- "leave tea leaves in the cup", and a very small amount of liquid on the bottom. Take the cup by the handle in the left hand, rim upwards, and move it in a circle rapidly 3 times from left to right. Some of the tea leaves will seem to cling to the sides of cup, while others remain in the bottom. Next, slowly invert the cup over the saucer and leave it there until all liquid drains away. Turn your cup over, and leave the leaves as they are. Take a close up picture of the inside of your cup where all tea leaves are visible and E-mail it to - I will interpret your tea leaf reading and email it over to you within 3-4 business days.


(As you are drinking your tea a seriousness should be the mood, concentrate on your future destiny and "wish" that the symbols shall correctly represent the happenings to come.)

After your payment e-mail at with your concerns revolving around this reading.
Intuitive Guidance From Tiffany~ 1 hour phone session for domestic US calls only. Others are emailed 

Intuitive Readings by Tiffany

Please send an email after purchasing your reading for notification. Any questions? Please get in touch. Thank you!

This reading today or any reading should be viewed as entertainment only; it doesn not substitute for the consultation of medical, psychological, legal or financial professionals. This reading, or any reading performed by Tiffany Stiles is not legally binding.

I do all readings myself and take the time and care to give you the best possible intuitive guidance. Please allow 72 hours on Card Readings & 5-7 Business Days on Aura & Realm Readings.

Aura Reading Tied To Soul Purpose $54.00

December/January SPECIAL $25.00!

Realm Reading Tied To Soul Purpose

Is there a question or concern you have on your mind today and are seeking the clarity needed to move forward?


An Inuitive Oracle Card Reading by Tiffany will bring you the clarity you need, and the confidence needed in moving forward. Are you having concerns with a relationship, your career, life purpose, a  residential move?


The way it works: Tiffany connects to her client's energetic signature which encompasses emotion and thought. Through this intuitive connection, she is able to pull the cards intuitively based on her client's concerns, and give them the clarity needed for their highest good and the highest good of all involved. 





1 Card- Daily Guidance From Your Angels        $10.00


3 Card- Past, Presesnt, Future Card Reading       $26.00


4 Card- The Love Romance Angels Oracle          $32.00


5 Card- Healing With the Angels Oracle              $40.00


7 Card- Life Purpose Oracle Reading                  $45.00


10 Card- Archangel Michael PowerTarot             $60.00


Tea Leaf Reading ( See Directions Below)            $30.00


                                          4 Card- Angel Dreams Oracle Card Reading         $31.00




Tiffany is an Energy Reader. She is able to see and read auras and the energy signature around people, animals & plants

This Aura Reading Is To Determine Your Dominant Energetic Signature

Have you ever wondered what is my soul's life purpose on this Earth? Why did I come here, and what am I supposed to be doing? This soul assessment, and aura reading is for you if you feel you are meant to be doing more with your life. Maybe you are a natural healer, psychic, teacher. Possibly an Empath (clairsentient- clear feeler). Find out what gifts that you possess to assist others and yourself. You might even find out you're an author or even an angel communicator!  If you need some direction, or want to uncover your gift...then this assessment is for you! If you are wanting to live a purpose driven life, then this is the assessment for you! This is not an energetic scan for illness, or to determine out of balance chakras.

Requirements for an Aura Reading: I  will need you to email me 7 photos of yourself (alone) in photos. Or email me the link to your FaceBook Page.The background of the photo will need to be either tan, white or the blue sky.. With Great Lighting. Close-up photos are preferred. No sunglasses, no hats.  The photos must be original photos. No photoshop, no alterations/filters accepted whatsoever.  Email to:





Tiffany is a certified Realm Reader! 



Have you ever wondered what realm your soul originated from? If so, this assessment is for you!

Find out if you're from one of the core realms of:

Incarnated Angels, Incarnated Elementals, Star People or Wise Ones.

Or you may be from a blended realm which encompasses:

Flower Fairy, Forest Fairy, Star Fairy, Mer Fairy, Incarnated Unicorns, Elves, Mystic Angels, Knights- Paladin or Galactic, Aladdin Genies, Atlanteans, Cherubs, Mystic Cosmics, Mystic Stars, Cosmic Angels, Mystic Star Angel, Leprchaun, Mer People, Mer-Fairies, Mer-Angels, Star-Mers, Mystic-Mers, Mystic Mer-Angel, or Incarnated Dolphins. If you have ever known deep in your soul that you originated from another realm, but you don't know which one, then this assessment is for you. This assessment encompasses characteristics and personality of your realm, life purpose of your realm and how your realm affects the relationships in your life. Who's a good match for your realm concerning relationships?Techniques and tools on how to best deal with the challenges that come along with your realm.


Requirements: I will need you to email a full body shot photo of yourself, preferably original, no photoshop. No Sunglasses, no hats.  Email to: 



Intuitive Oracle Card Reading Prices Are As Follows:

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