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Metaphysical Life Coaching ~ Mind- Body- Spirit

The Mystical Lotus charges minimal fees for services to keep our services affordable for as many as possible. If you feel so inclined to make a donation, we would greatly appreciate your generosity. 
Thank you & much love, The Mystical Lotus





  • Intuitive Readings by Tiffany

Do you have a question or concern you need guidance on from the Divine? Tiffany uses many different card decks to intuitively give you the guidance you need that will serve your highest good. Tiffany also does Tasseography readings (tea leaf).


  • Chakra Clearing & Balancing

Are you feeling off balance and ungrounded? Then a chakra balancing and clearing session is just the thing for you!



  • Aura Reading Tied To Soul Purpose

Have you ever wondered what your aura is and what that means pertaining to your personality and life purpose?


  • Realm Reading

Tiffany is a certified realm reader! Have you ever wondered what realm your soul originated from and what that means for you now?


  • Discover Your Spirit Animal/Guide

  • Dream Interpretation


  • Guidance for Empaths - Are you ultra sensitive to energy?

Discover what type of Empath you are. Receive guidance, tools and techniques to understand this gift and how to begin using it for your highest good and the highest good of others.


Inuitive Reading Fees

1 Card Daily Guidance - $5.00

3 Card Past, Present, Future - $20.00

5 Card Emotional Guidance Reading- $35.00

10 Card Full Spread - $50.00

Tea Leaf (Tasseography) Reading - $30.00 


Payment options available: cash, debit, credit card (Visa and Mastercard)

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